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Marta started dancing as a gymnast when she was 5 years old. She then started ballroom dancing in college at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1998. She competed in ballroom for 6 months but was then introduced to West Coast Swing by her first instructor, Lyoni Fisher of Albany, NY. (Lyoni still runs a dance there as of 2016 - check them out on Facebook!) She quickly fell in love with the dance and took as many classes as possible in West Coast Swing. After college, Marta went to medical school in Buffalo. In her 4th year of medical school, she was able to take time to compete Nationally that year and made her way from Newcomer to Advanced WSDC level.


Paul began his dancing career in 1998 with the Cultural Dance Society of New England in Northampton, MA while he was attending Western New England University. Initially, he focused on learning East Coast Swing and Salsa dancing. Shortly after learning East Coast Swing, he was hired to teach. After college Paul moved back home to Syracuse where he studied Ballroom dancing with Walt Medicis Dance Studio. He discovered West Coast Swing through the Syracuse Swing Dance Society in 2003. Shortly after learning West Coast Swing, Paul began studying the dance with professionals and competing in National West Coast Swing competitions. Paul's main influences in the dance are Robert Royston and John Lindo. Along the way, Paul built a large following of students in Syracuse, NY. His students went on to compete in competitions and many are now teaching in their communities today. Paul has also choreographed many couple wedding dances and team routines throughout the years. He also studied and taught ballroom with Arthur Murray in 2008 in Buffalo, NY. 


Paul and Marta initially met in 2004 by randomly being paired up in a West Cost Swing competition in Syracuse, NY called a Jack N Jill - where you do not know your partner or the music before you compete. At the time, Marta was already an advanced dancer where Paul was just beginning his West Coast Swing career. 

Marta took time off from her dance career to focus on medical school. Paul made West Coast Swing his main focus and was committed to becoming the best dancer he could be. When they met again in 2006 at a National competition, Paul was now attending as a teacher with his students competing in ProAm competitions. 

Marta and Paul became dance partners shortly after that competition. They realized that their connection went far beyond the dance floor and were so grateful for that lucky draw in the Jack N Jill. 

They were married in 2008 where they performed their first ever choreographed West Coast Swing routine together! They have since had two amazing sons (who love music and dancing, too) and currently live in the Finger Lakes Region of NY State. 

They started Canfield Dance Arts in 2016 and built their local community from the ground up. They are known for their ability to get beginner dancers on the dance floor with a solid foundation so they can go on to be successful in whatever their dance goals may be: social dancing or competing! Students compliment their teaching style as being straight forward, thorough and fun no matter what level they are teaching!

In 2018, they were asked to start teaching at National WCS events. In 2019, they were able to open their own studio in Horseheads, NY. Now, they are on staff at several events a year, regionally and nationally, DJing, teaching, and/or judging. They both compete at the Advanced WSDC level. They are also very proud to be co-directors of the Upstate NY JT Swing team for the 4th season in a row.

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