Social WCS Dances

2020 Dance


January 25th

February 15th

**2-45 minute workshops**


March 14th

**All-Star Kristen Shaw

afternoon Workshops/Dance**

April 17th (FRIDAY)

*change in date*

*Special guest instructor All-Star Maria Ford!*

May 1st (FRIDAY)

*change in date*

June 20th

July 18th

August 22nd

**Date Change**

September 26th

OCTOBER 23rd-25th


November 14th

December 12th

**Special Guest**







Practice Dances

Social WCS Dances

These are casual dances usually without a lesson prior (unless indicated) and only $5 (unless indicated). Usually 7p-10p. Come with a partner and practice. Come social dance with other dancers. Work on those things you're working on. The studio lights are not dimmed for these dances. Often Spotlight dance practice will occur at the end of the dance.

These are Paul and Marta's monthly social west coast swing dances. 90%+ west coast swing music is DJ'd by Paul. 

Usually Paul and Marta teach an Advanced Beginner WCS Lesson at 7p prior to a dance starting at 8p-11pm. Cost is usually $10 a person for the lesson, dance or both (usually). When special guest instructors are announced, please see the specific page about that event.