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Beginner West Coast Swing Lessons

Mondays 7:15-8:15pm
July-August 2022
7/11, 18, 25 & 8/1

This series includes a 60 minute practice dance immediately following the lesson from 8:30-9:30pm.

All students must pre-register so that we can confirm you are full vaccinated (booster optional). You can send a photo of your vaccine card to our email or via Facebook Messenger.  Masks will be worn while in the studio at all times.

$48 per person - pre-register.
College* student? You pay $24 for 4 weeks!

*College ID required.

Returning students!
IF you've paid for the Beginner Class in full once, you can come back to this class for FREE forever!
This is our way of making sure we build a dance community with good, solid basic moves.
Paul and Marta Canfield will be teaching a 4 week Beginner West Coast Swing Lesson. This is their passion - teaching beginners - from scratch how to dance! Come dance with us! You won't be disappointed!

West Coast Swing is the most popular social partner dance in the country. This dance can be done to the Top 40 songs on the radio! We also dance it to Disco, Blues, R&B, Hip Hop and more. Come have fun with us and get some great exercise!

**No partner necessary!**
(We rotate partners throughout the class. IF you do not want to rotate, please make sure your partner registers with you.)

**No experience needed!**
(Two left feet welcome!)

**WCS is a degendered dance. Women can lead and Men can follow. All are welcome!**

Apparel: workout clothes to dresses! As long as you are comfortable!
Shoes: Please do not wear sneakers or anything with a sticky or 'grippy' sole. Tom's or character shoes tend to work well.
Most importantly, please make sure your shoes are CLEAN and DRY.
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