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Paul has choreographed over 100 wedding dances! Paul and Marta choreograph and teach you your wedding dance by working WITH you and your style. Your wedding song could be a west coast swing, rumba, foxtrot, or waltz (or a different dance!). Paul and Marta will help you create your special moment. They also choreograph other important dances at your wedding (parent-child or wedding party dances).

Paul can cut the music to make sure all the elements from your song you want (or don't want!) are included in your dance.

One piece of advice is to start EARLY and get used to dancing at least 3-6 months before your big day. You can even take group classes to get used to dancing well in advance - this has worked for a lot of couples.

PRICING: $500; INCLUDES: choreographing your routine, editing/cutting the music, 5 private lessons to teach you the choreography. Additional private lessons can be purchased at $75 per hour if you need more practice.

Not sure yet if you'd like to pay all up front? Or paying in cash or check? At checkout you will have the the option to Pay in Person but this will send us an email that you're interested in learning more. Thank you!

They want your day to be FUN and memorable!

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